Radio Failsafe leads to disarm in mid-air - Crashed Twice same way

Today my copter crashed, it disarmed in mid-air and the only clue is the radio failsafe, the copter disarmed right after radio failsafe trigger and the FS_OPTION bitmask set to continue with auto mission trigger.

This copter has more than 120 hours on auto mission, It dont have high vibrations and the only clue is something with radio failsafe.

Every flight I have RC FS, never had problem, but today it disarmed while flying.
That is the my second crash with the same clues.

This is the link of my first (older) crash:
*In this log, my FC didnt record the log (dont know why), I have only telemetry.

This is the link of today’s crash:

Really apprecciate any help, thanks.