Random Oscillations when Flying in POS HOLD

Hello all,

I am experiencing experiencing something very curious. Our prototypes fly fine when flying in ALT HOLD or STABILIZE, however, when I change to POS HOLD, the copters keep the position, but I can see some random oscillations from time to time, same thing when flying a mission.

What could cause that?

You need to tune Rate gains.
Also look at Ardupilot tuning instructions.
Without logs it’s just a guess. Post logs to get more info.

Thanks for your answer. Data logs or Telemetry ones?

Data logs.
.bin file. And setup info.

Good morning, where can I find the setup info? Is there a file in the log folder containing that? I tried to upload the datalog here, but it is too big. I will have to upload it to the cloud and share the link here.