Range indication/signal strength display available?

i’m looking for a indication how good the signal strength is while flying.
The icon on the upper bar is just grey - no informations inside (why?)

Is there any option to find in a fast way and easy to see?

Thank you!

Hi. Touch the Icon (Paper Plane) left of the one you looked at. Or Swype down from the top edge of the screen. There you can then see the properties of the WiFi connection including signal strength.


Herelink don’t output RSSI to ground control stations, thus you can’t see the RSSI signal level in QGC.

Hm. At least on my Unit QGC displays the Telemetry RSSI. (If you touch the paper plane symbol.)



You can read the RSSI of the Air Unit on QGC

On my unit, it does display local RSSI but not remote RSSI. As far as I know, air unit shouldn’t be giving out any rssi data…

For the MAVlink inspector, I don’t see RADIO_STATUS. Probably because it is not on stable yet? I notice you are on QGC daily.

Just make sure you select the correct ID on QGC , as you can see I am on sysID 42

I don’t have these 2 buttons in my QGC. Are you on Ardupilot or px4?

Ardupilot with Herelink connected using USB tethered on a Window PC running QGC 4.1
BTW you should be able to see the Herelink with MavProxy and Mission Planner, but there is a bug with Mission Planner for selecting other Vehicles and @Michael_Oborne is workin on and should be corrected soon

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I see. I’m still on 4.0.11

thanks all for the replies and ideas.
But in total there is no range indication which i can check fast during manual flight or waypoint-mission, right?

Would be great to have if there is a wishlist somewhere…
Clicking thru many menues shouldnt be a option during a flight for such an important information.

Touching the paper plane icon in QGC on Herelink does not give you what you need? Maybe I misunderstood your request.

maybe if i have a reference to the values ​​- i will try to keep an eye on it during the day tomorrow to get a feel for it.

which values ​​are good which are bad? When do I have to worry about signal loss?