RangeFinger2 not display data on HereLink screen

i have two rangefinger Lightware connected in to a CUBE.
On the Mission Planner screen I can see the two data (UP= Rangefinder2 / DOWN = Rangefinger1) but on the HereLink screen only DOWN data appears.

Any info?
Thanks in advance

@Loren_DS Can you try a PC version of QGC, and see if you can get the values on there under same sections.

Hi Siddarth,
yes , with QGC PC versión, it work.

What PC version of QGC are you running? Can you try 3.5.6? Just need to know if it is something that got fixed in newer version. If so this will be resolved with QGC update as part of next release.

there is no way to see on the HL, I have reported some month ago, they have fixit, but you cant upgrade the QGC on the HL. Need to wait the HL update.

What I do is to connect a tablet with a QGC updated, that way I can see both sensors

Ok, if it is just a version issue, then this will be fixed with QGC version update with Herelink Update.

is current stable release of QGroundControl