Rapanion not logging all CAM messages on Rapi Zero

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AhUncGtuiW4FLupR91T2RiFjNAN9kV39/view?usp=sharingHi Brainstrust, I have struck a weird issue (one I haven’t seen in almost 10 years of using ardupilot). I have a raspberry pi as a companion computer set up to log flight logs (in accordance with the ardupilot docs) and when I download a log from a flight it seems to only log about every third cam trigger message. I have confirmed the camera and log on the cube orange match and everything geotags fine so the logging values and camera values are correct so I suspect it is a logging setting somewhere that is causing the issue. I have used both APSync and Rapainon and get the same result. My setup is running Plane 4.0.9 on a Cube Orange with the rapi zero pluged into the telem 2 port running the mavlink 2 protocol with baud rates set in accordance with the docs on the ardupilot website. Any ideas on what to try next would be very welcome! Thanks in advance!

I have included a log of this behavior where 439 images were taken but only 168 cam messages were logged on the pi.