Raspberry Pi and Cube via USB port


There are some reason that I want to connect the Cube black to Raspberry by USB port for using the SR0_ (serial 0). I already known another methods by usual serial 1 or 2,3,4, but in this specific case, is the connection is feasible? If yes, there are some driver (STM32) for the raspberry, I guess!

Could you please show me the way to do?
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I have some picture of these when plug Cube to RPi


This is possible!
When you do ls /dev we will see the Serial or Serial1 by examining the “Shortcut”, it is directed to /dev/ttyACM0. So we can consider it as a serial port. Just sometime after doing the Cube rebooting, the ttyACM0 will be changed to ttyACM1 and I dont knot how to fixed this? Because of non-releasing it after using or something?

Is there an issue with using the second device name from the beginning? Is the former name still there as well?

I do not understand much about the mechanism of Linux but if you plugout and plugin the device, the ttyACM0 will change to ttyACM1 but sometimes, it remains the same. So just do the ls /dev and search for which ttyACMx is presensted

Using USB in flight is not recommended

Hi @philip , thanks for your recommendation. I would like to understand further the reason why. Is is about physical connection or something?


Because the stability is not proven, and it’s not designed for this purpose.

That’s an Ardupilot thing, nothing to do with hardware

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Usually autopilot power is switched to low power mode when USB is connected and usually USB power won’t be sufficient to run all devices. Why not use serial port?