RASPi 4 companion computer with Herelink Telemetry& VNC viewer- Remote connection

Is there anyone here who has used a VNC viewer through Herelink to get connected remotely with Rasp Pi . The Rasp Pi is used as a companion computer with Pixhawk for drone applications.

Yes I do it with a Jetson Xavier NX and it works OK as long as you set the video resolution correctly (1080/30).

Do you think it will work with Raspberry pi HQ camera

Well, the camera is a an input device so the capture resolution may differ from the output device (HDMI) that is feeding the Air Unit input Video. It is all a matter of being consistent in the streaming pipeline.

So you are saying here that I could see the Raspberry CAM HDMI video connected thro’ the Airlink through the Herelink if the streaming is correct .

Absolutely but at at 1080 size and you can connect to your PC using theter (USB or WifiHotspot) and have full HDMI with VNC

Here is an example of Xavier running the coco inference model and tranmitting the detected airplane to my PC through Herelink:

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I’m not doing that exactly, but I’m having success providing a UDP or TCP video port and using something like VLC (or more often in my case, a JavaScript front end) for viewing the video. It works OK, and there’s not much difference latency-wise between the normal and HQ cameras.