RC Resolution very low - steps visible

Hi there, I’m new to the Herelink family!
I noticed one thing right away, after calibrating the sticks: The RC Output is very low resolution. I analysed the RC RAW values and found only roughly about 100 steps over one full gimbal range.

I suspect this is due to too much jitter with the hall gimbals otherwise? Has anybody else noticed this?

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I have same problem, RC low resolution doesn’t matter when flying, but really annoying with gimbal. Is this a hardware or software problem? @Michael_Oborne @Alvin

there is an internal option to change the deadzone size.
this is an unofficial mod atm

you need to adb into the GCS unit and run

setprop persist.js.deadband.percent.max 1

Dear Michael,

Thanks for the answer, however it looks like the problem is with the joystick “scale” parameter, the axes values are in the range (-1,1) with scale step = 0.025, which equates to 80 steps across the full range, very low resolution. Is there any internal command to change this parameter?

where are you getting the Scale from?
it not an official API

I get it in dump log of Herelink (adb bugreport).
Maybe we have problem with the rawMin and rawMax values:
rawMax = 90
rawMin = 10
Range = 90-10 = 80, so scale = 2/80 = 0.025.

I know Herelink used magnetic sensors for joystick (mlx90393), but I don’t understand why the raw value is so low. While WHEEL still uses variable resistor and has resolution = rawMax - rawMin = 1000.

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