Rc yaw calibration error

what does this mean? I have calibrated the radio channels.

I have a new Cube2 and I can not get it to arm. I need help please! If someone could help here I would greatly appreciate it.
I can’t get make it through the mission planner wizard without errors along every step.
It takes several attempts to find the board. I know the com ports and baud rates for both USB and 915mhz radio (3dr) but I get errors on both trying to load the firmware.
What port should I use the Cube usb or the PX4 usb or the telemetry?
I have no issue with Mavlink connections or the mandatory hardware configuration steps(I don’t think??) but my yaw and roll RC not configured in the error message.
I have been able to rewire older 3dr radios into the rx/tx telemetry ports with success but I can not get the older 3dr GPS (or any gps receiver) I have to work using rx & tx.

Don’t use the wizard. Install firmware from firmware tab
Then set up through mandatory setup

And for 3dr gps use the cable that has safety switch on it unplug 3dr cable at gps and Plug new cable in

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please skip the wizard…

set up according to the wiki

I still am getting RC yaw & roll errors. Is this the RC calibration? I have done the rc calibration several times and I get the same results.

What type of rc system are you using

spektrum DX9 using the spkt port & a satellite

My 3DR gps does not plug in to the cube. The connectors are different and there is no compass port on the 3DR. I ordered a new one that should work but I would like to get survey grade receivers to work. Is there a way to do this with the RX / TX from the receiver to the cube?

3dr gps unpugs on the gps side unplug it there plug new cable into gps and cube

Both these cables come with Cube. They both work to plug in 3dr gps

I wish it was that simple.The cables are going to work on the new $30 one I ordered but not on my older 3DR GPS. I will start another post and try to explain what I am doing.

Then you don’t have a 3dr gps

Please stick to this thread, don’t start a new one.

Send a photo of your GPS.


If I get a new 3DR (ordered) will my yaw calibration error go away?
Can the cube fly without GPS?
What it the wiki link for the setup?


thank you for the link
below is the message I get with a fresh install of mission planner setup on different computer.
I did not use the wizard just the mandatory hardware and I received no errors uploading firmware. Now the RC pitch is not configured. Is my cube bad?

Initialising APM
PreArm: RC Pitch not configured
PreArm: RC Pitch not configured
PreArm: RC Pitch not configured
Frame: HEXA
PX4v3 00350040 30365103 32363637
PX4: 1e7ed30b NuttX: 1472b16c
ArduCopter V3.6.7 (38b8af17)

Yes it’s telling you something is wrong with your RC calibration

obviously but how can I fix it?