RCin Sbus not detected in herelink

We have been trying to connect the RC-in Sbus1 to the Pixhawk cube orange. But the Herelink controller shows ''0 channels detected, to operate PX4, you need 5 channels". Our radio is not detected even we tried all the combinations of the parameter related to RSSI, RC_PROTOCOLS . Suggest us what we have to do next for solution. one of the reply stated that “you may need to set a parameters to SBUS instead of RSSI”. can anybody please tell the exact parameter to be changed in the mission planner/QGC.

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Can you please go to herelink setting and re-calibarte the controller(also do SBUS OUT CAL at herelink sretting> joystick page as well after re-calibarte)?

i have already done the calibration few times, but the problem is still the same.

May I know your airunit and controller firmware?

hello, any update on this?

@Mike_ZY I’ve got this same problem. I am running a Cube Orange+ on a Kore Carrier Board. I have the SBus1 Running from the Herelink Airunit to the SBus input next to the Aux Pins on the carrier board. My firmware versions on both the Airunit Controller were updated today.
Airunit: AU1230714
Controller: RU01240301

Everything else seems to work fine. I was able to map flight modes to buttons on the controller and that seems to switch fine in QGC when I hit buttons A-D. So it seems like the Sbus connection is working. Per this page I set FLTMODE_CH to disabled (but also tried resetting it to 5) and that didn’t work. I also tried setting the RC_PROTOCOLS to options 0 (All), 1(default - PPM), and 3 (SBus). None of that helped either. It seems like Sbus channels >5 are working but not 1-4. Please help! Thanks.

FYI for anyone coming across this page and working with a Kore Carrier Board. Apparently, the PPM pins were mislabeled in silkscreening and is actually the RCin pins - which is what you need to connect the Sbus1 of the Heselink Airunit to. Also, I had to set the RC_PROTOCOLS Arducopter parameter to 1 (PPM) to get this to work, which is odd because you would think 3 (Sbus) would work.