RCin Sbus not detected in herelink

We have been trying to connect the RC-in Sbus1 to the Pixhawk cube orange. But the Herelink controller shows ''0 channels detected, to operate PX4, you need 5 channels". Our radio is not detected even we tried all the combinations of the parameter related to RSSI, RC_PROTOCOLS . Suggest us what we have to do next for solution. one of the reply stated that “you may need to set a parameters to SBUS instead of RSSI”. can anybody please tell the exact parameter to be changed in the mission planner/QGC.

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Can you please go to herelink setting and re-calibarte the controller(also do SBUS OUT CAL at herelink sretting> joystick page as well after re-calibarte)?

i have already done the calibration few times, but the problem is still the same.

May I know your airunit and controller firmware?

hello, any update on this?