Re: Using Herelink Air Unit instead of Air Unit with transmitter

Hi. I have seen that Herelink offers a very good video transmission for an appreciable range. I want to use it but the thing is I have my own transmitter and receiver for operating the drone. I dont want video feed on the transmitter that Herelink is offering. Instead i want the video feed to directly come to the GCS. Can this setup be possible? If yes, How can I implement it and what are the necessary precautions to take?
FYI I am using Pixhawk FMUv6x based FC and QGC as the ground control software with PX4 firmware.

I tried connect 2 airunits and they worked fine.

We use a RFD900x for the main control and telemetry link into a laptop running mission planner. We then use the Herelink as a hand controller for part of our launch and landing procedure but really just for the video handling. There are a few ways of integrating that Herelink stream into Mission Planner and documentation on that process out there. We have had success with it displaying in VLC on a separate screen as well as feeding it into the HUD.

No issues with having two systems running at the same time.

Is your other system also 2.4ghz?

When you say other system, you mean the RC transmitter right? If that is the case, yes it also uses 2.4Ghz.

How can I integrate this? could you share any reference for this?