Recording on the air unit (without Solex)

I’ve been working with the Herelink since 2020, and our company has bought over 50 during that time span. It is a nice product, but we’re having a hard time to record directly on the air unit. We just started a new project, and I’m trying to record the video stream directly on the air unit. I know that Solex allows it, but I don’t think there is an equivalent feature in QGC. As we’re developing our own app, and knowing that the Solex app on the Herelink isn’t open source, I’m trying to find a work around to this problem.

Is there an config option on the air unit that could start video recording as soon as there is a video feed, like on power up ? Another option would be to know how to send a command to the air unit within QGC (as it is done with Solex) that could start a recording on the air unit.

Has anyone tried either of these solutions before ? Is there another work around ?

Thanks in advance!

Any support on this @philip @Michael_Oborne ?

I PM’ed you

Hi Hughes, did you get this to work for you? Can you help me in doing the same? Or at least guide on a way to do this.


@philip @Hughes_La_Vigne