Redundancy problem with PX4

Hi there,

From my experience and multiple flights with anomalies or in one case a propeller issue, I have noticed that my X8 coaxial drone does not seem to be able to stabilize itself due to disturbances or anomalies, such a propeller spinning off in flight. It should have more than enough power to compensate for such a thing but it doesnt seem to be smart enough to do so, and instead slowly crashed toward the ground, with the end with one propeller loose leading toward the ground. Is there anything im missing here? Is there any way to make it so that it can recognize such disturbances and compensate properly?

I also tried taking off in altitude mode today with only the 4 lower motors as a test, with the payload taken off, and it barely hovered 2 inches above the ground at “full throttle” (throttle stick all the way up) before I attempted to land and it fell over on its side.
From my reasoning, being in altitude mode, it should be realizing that it is not at the altitude it should be at and therefore compensate by sending more power to the motors so that it can get up in the air with no problem even with 4 motors (I took the 4 top propellers off, so those motors were still running, but I was testing whether it was able to compensate with more power to keep altitude, which I had suspected before that it was not smart enough to do).

I know that it should be capable of doing this because I have tested the same weight and payload taken off with 4 motors on a “quadcopter X” configuration rather than x8 coaxial, and it flew around with no problem.

If someone could give me some guidance, and whether ardupilot would be able to handle this while px4 might not, that would be really great. This is really the last software hurdle I need to be able to get over. Thank you so much

I don’t think this is related to Cubepilot hardware so it may be better to ask on PX4’s forum.
As far as I know, Ardupilot is capable of handling single motor failure on copters with more than 6 motors

The altitude control was done by PID’s auto balancing and thrust was handled by adjusting the thrust limit.