Relay Control

Hi All,

I’m getting confused on how to set up logic control with a transmitter. There doesn’t seem to be much information available with relay control. I was able to set up the camera relay control and I am able to use the commands however when I set up a different aux port for transmitter control that’s when I am hitting a wall.

I’m running AR 4.0.0.

I have RC10_opt set up for Relay6on/off. I have relay_pin6 = Auxout1. Receiving transmitter channel 10 pwm. BRD_PWM_COUNT = 0

Thanks for your help, I feel like I’m missing one crucial parameter.

What receiver are you using? The reason I ask is if the control is always from the TX – not a do command in a mission-- then using pins on the receiver in lieu of an Aux pun on the Cube simplifies the setup.

Unless I’m not understanding what you’re saying, receivers don’t have logic control.

I’m using an RX8R.

What I mean is, are you controlling the relay with a switch on the transmitter? If that is the case, just use a pin on the receiver and don’t bother with running the relay through the flight controller. You can use the channel pins on the receiver and still have SBus to the Cube.

This thread at RCG talks about how to map different channels to the receiver servo pins.

Okay, I did understand you correctly.

Receivers do not have logic control. If I had a pwm controlled relay I could see how that would work. Unfortunately in my situation I am not using a pwm controlled relay.

Add one of these :thinking::thinking:

Kind of defeats the purpose of having logic control then. That module can’t handle the voltage I would be using unfortunately. Thanks though!