Remote ID on HereLink?

So i updated my HereLink… Now i have a RemoteID tab and I have not been able to find any information about it. I assume it broadcasts your remote ID however if you have a custom built drone what do you put in for the UAS ID in USA? Seams strange i cant find any info on this! Any information would be much appreciated.

I too wish Cube would put out some real documentation about that remote id functionality, but I haven’t seen any yet. Although, I added the cube ID can module to my custom built drone (cube orange, here3, herelink, etc) and after I got it set up in arducopter, the remote id in the controller saw it and turned the indicator green. It wasn’t reliable - and I am trying to work through some possible issues with actually running with it.

I’m hoping as we get closer to the 16-9-2023 date, we’ll get some more clues.