RemoteID compliance with CubeID

Hi members,

I have a custom made drone and I am facing some issues for complying it with RemoteID. I checked similar topics here but none seems to be related to my situation.I could enable the DroneId in my CubeOrange+ and it seems functional but some issues I could not find on the internet. Could someone help with these question?

Once I set the serial in CubeID as persistent, can I factory reset it to save a new serial?

  • Information in the FAA website says that we need to transmit “information about the drone and its take-off location”. I could manage the CubeID to transmit its position but how to comply with this requirement?
  • How do I fill the UAS MANUFACTURER and MODEL for custom made drone?

Thank you all very much in advance,

@brleme once you set a persistent ID on CubeOrange+ it cannot be changed without wiping the entire chip and rewriting it through JTAG. You need to send that as part of persistent setup process : Cube ID | CubePilot check “Go to MissionPlanner homepage select Drone ID to set (1)UAS ID* (2)UAD ID Type and (3)UA Type” at first send from here after persistent UAS ID it will be recorded