RemoteID compliance with CubeID

Hi members,

I have a custom made drone and I am facing some issues for complying it with RemoteID. I checked similar topics here but none seems to be related to my situation.I could enable the DroneId in my CubeOrange+ and it seems functional but some issues I could not find on the internet. Could someone help with these question?

Once I set the serial in CubeID as persistent, can I factory reset it to save a new serial?

  • Information in the FAA website says that we need to transmit “information about the drone and its take-off location”. I could manage the CubeID to transmit its position but how to comply with this requirement?
  • How do I fill the UAS MANUFACTURER and MODEL for custom made drone?

Thank you all very much in advance,

@brleme once you set a persistent ID on CubeOrange+ it cannot be changed without wiping the entire chip and rewriting it through JTAG. You need to send that as part of persistent setup process : Cube ID | CubePilot check “Go to MissionPlanner homepage select Drone ID to set (1)UAS ID* (2)UAD ID Type and (3)UA Type” at first send from here after persistent UAS ID it will be recorded

Once configured, does the manufacturer of the drone who is using this CubeID module need to then complete any paperwork with the FAA under Part 89? Such as filing a Means of Compliance (MOC) or Declaration of Compliance (DOC). If so, what is the appropriate information to be included in the submission?