Remove ANDROID buttons from left side of the screen

Finally we got the Herelinks!! What an amazing piece of tech, thanks ProfiCNC!

We have the android three standard function buttons showing at all times in the screen. Is there any way to remove them?

They are required to be there to give you access to all the Android functions

Thanks! But in some menus, objects are shifted to the right, makes them difficult or impossible to use.
Here are a few examples. It’s also kind of wasted screen space for the 99% of the time.

Thanks for your great job!
Rafael Roldán


Odd I did not see this , have you checked or changed the Android text size or display settings ?

Have a look under Display in the Android system and look at these.

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Changing the “Display Size” and “Font Size” to SMALL under display settings, fixes the issue!
Both settings were DEFAULT out the box.

Thanks a lot!
Rafael Roldán

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