Remove Spring Throttle Left Joystick up down

How does one remove the spring so the throttle behaves like, well… a throttle?

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Same question, for fixed wing…

Unfortunately, this is not an option at this stage.
the method for setting up the throttle can be either

  1. Mapping the centre to be zero
  2. using modes such as FBWB where centre is where the throttle should sit

it is an issue, and we are looking into solutions for the future

Any Update Philip?
I use helicopter and is better without spring at throttle stick.

No, helicopter should be center throttle. There is no plan to change.

That doesnt make sense for manual flight modes.

cant just open it up and remove the spring?

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Why do you say that? Neutral collective is center stick.

And the bigger question… why on earth would you be flying it in true manual mode with an Autopilot fitted?

Hi, any solutions to this yet? I’m planning on getting the HereLink to fly a fixed wing VTOL aircraft very soon.



There is a fairly simple way to remove the spring and add a washer to the LH side shaft of the LH gimbal that will stiffen the throttle to use as people would like with fixed wing but I’m not 100% happy it’s a good solution long term, Iv tested it with out issues but I’d like something more adjustable overall, you need to strip the RC and add a small spring washer or fibre one to the side of the shaft and remove the spring and it’s good to go.

I have been playing with this all and will share it properly over Xmas when I get a little more time to play, I’m actually working on a 3D printed option bit it’s design is not simple to modify tbh.

Another is using stiff grease like in some knobs but as the surface area is so small on the shaft I’m not sure it will behave.


@MadRC one of your signature videos of this mod would sure be a nice Christmas present lol looking forward to seeing what you’ve done