Replacement Antenna Cable

Hi there,

I had a group of students accidentally break the UFL to HD-BNC coaxial cable. Anybody know how to get a replacement? Thanks

Can you please share a picture ?

I only took a picture of the BNC end today trying to find what it would be. I can take a picture of the other end tomorrow. This is the side the antenna coupled to. My students twisted to hard and it basically sheared the coax. Away from the other side connector. Thank you!

May I ask is that a herelink 1,0 or 1.1?

Please if there is any help you can provide, I appreciate it. I have a student group relying on this to graduate and they are desperate for a fix. We have searched high and low for a replacement cable and a way to make the mini-BNC to UFL or from mini-BNC to SMA and we just cant find it. Thanks

Hi David
I will PM you。

Thank you!

Hi there, so sorry to keep bugging you. Just curious if you had any updates. Thank you!

Hi Mike, I have face the same problem. The cable was broken when I tried to replacing the antenna. I open the rear cover and found it is caused by the loose of the inner screw nut. Can you please PM a link to buy a mini bnc to ipex cable? Thanks.

My herelink is V1.0