Request for info for a test UAV platform

I am looking to acquire a configured UAV quadcopter platform to test autonmous flights using ArduPilot Mission Planner / PixHawk. We only need it to test the software so we don’t need a heavy lift platform. Any pointers to web sites are appreciated.

Clarification on more detail. We develop software that does power line inspections, automating the content to the utility work flow. We are moving into autonmmous flight, and in the future BVLOS.

During the first step of Mission / Flight Planning, we automate the flight plan exporting it to two ground station hubs. The first is Litchi for the DJI Quad Copters. We currently use a Mavic 2 Pro to import the flight plan to the Litchi hub for testing. The second export is Ardupilot Mission Planner. We are unable to test the export, we need to purchase a Quad Copter / PixHawk Control. The only sensor I need is something like a Go-Pro Camera.

Maybe ask this on our Facebook group as well?

Where are you based? Happy to provide you with a basic platform for research/educational use or as many as you need.

I would like to get a budget number on what I should expect to pay for a configured platform. We are located in San Antonio, TX. My direct email is: . Thanks

If you are using this for power line inspections, maybe starting with something setup for that purpose would be good.

“Just trying it” if it’s not setup for your need will lead to disappointment.

Start by posting exactly what you want to achieve from this in the long term, and people can help point you down the right road

Thanks for the hint - I updated the origional post.

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