Request to be able to set negative values of Overshoot and LeadIn in Survey grid

Setting negative values of Overshoot and LeadIn in Survey grid can be very useful in agriculture applications where it’s necessary to stay inside the Polygon.
Drawing a smaller polygon is not the most effective choice.

The whole point of overshoot, is to overshoot… my advice would be to definitely set a smaller polygon.

@Michael_Oborne? Any thoughts?

Hi Philip, drawing a smaller polygon is not the same for different reasons, for example:
a) I do not have the correct data of the surface to be treated;
b) if I restrict the polygon on two sides, those are not necessarily the ones I will use for the turns because by changing the angle I find the combination that decreases my flight times;
c) if I narrow the whole polygon, I will fly too far from the edge at the sides of the path;
d) if I have a negative “overshoot” I can set exactly the distance from the edge of the field where I have references to trace the polygon;
e) if due to flight rules I have to stay away from the road it is easy to set the correct distance.
Then nothing is crucial, you get the same result with more operations like now, but in my opinion it would be useful.

In my experience it is a lot easier to draw the polygon typically on a boundary of a field that is easily discernible on the map. If the user then needs to fly 2, 5 or 10 metres inside this then a negative value of overshoot would be worthwhile and much easier than trying to guesstimate this distance when drawing the polygon. Having said that, it only helps on each end and not on the sides, which is why some other programs have a “buffer” or “margin” option which sets a distance inside the polygon.Is there a downside to allowing negative numbers ?

In the same way as there two OverShoot values (one for each end) we would really like to have two LeadIn values, one for each end. Currently the single LeadIn value is applied to both ends equally.

The reason for this is request is survey flights in windy weather may require a lot longer OverShoot / LeadIn on the up wind end, but a much smaller one on the downwind end. Making them the same distance can waste a lot of mission time.

I raised this in the Mission Planner Github back in April. Where is the best place to raise these sorts of things, here or Github ?

My 2 cents worth, if you can do that with card only payment these days !!




Hi Michael,

That looks great !! Hopefully that will be exactly what Antony, and others wanted.

I don’t suppose you can add the second LeadIn value as quickly :wink:



Thanks Michael very kind, this will be very useful! Great

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