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good morning guys

after some survey missions carried out with camera, I have to download the shot points with MissionPlanner but I realized that I only have .bin files and not .log or .tlog
How can I retrieve the geo-referencing points of the flights taken? Please don’t tell me I have to redo the flights :slight_smile:
The planning was done with Solex Mission and not with Mission Planner but I think the geo-referenced Shot points are certainly inside the Orange Cube …

thanks for any advice and suggestions

Hello @frank

It is a long time ago since I done it for the last time, but you should click on “Geo Reference Images” button inside the “Memory files” tab of Mission Planner. There you will be asked to point for the log file and the folder containing the images alongside with other options.

Hope this can help.

Hi Bruno…. you are always very kind and helpful.

I try to check but I’m afraid I only have .bin log files… … In CTRL + F I go to Geo Ref Images but I have difficulty finding valid files where to retrieve the shots that commanded the trigger.

Anyway I check… Thanks


I checked but both in “data flash log” and also reading the SD via MAVFtp, the UAV only generated .bin files
If I’m not mistaken it should also generate .log or .tlog. So I only find .bin unless I go to put them on another folder (but it would make no sense)

The photos are there so in those missions the system activated correctly and I find it very strange not to have any reference to the geotag of the shots

Phew! :-/

.BIN file it’s ok to geotag the foto.

Hi antony

First of all, many thanks for the reply. The wiki says to use .og or .tlog but wiki are not always updated.
However, in Ctrl+F and “Geo Ref images” I load the .bin file and I go to point the folder containing the images but it does not generate me any Shot point.
Do you use a different procedure? thank you

Hi Antony and all colleagues who so kindly provide help in this group

I have made new flights … it just generates the .bin file (and anyway OK, it’s not a problem). However, despite the geotagging process with CTRL + F and Geo ref images >> Time offset, I have the reading of all the data associated with the photos but the recurring message is: "NOT PROCESSED. No GPS match in the log file. Please take care "

Reading around the net I realized that maybe it could be a problem with MP and to try with other versions, so I tried with both 1.3.77 and 1.3.76 (I only have these two) but the problem does not change

Now the question, of course, is that the FCU does not record the GPS point.

NOTE: the missions are planned via Solex Mission and not via MP but I think this is not a problem because in any case the FC must write the point of the shot

I forgot to enable something ?? … some instruction in the FC ??

thank you

That`s strange, if you properly setup the camera parameters, it should work.

Try to open your .bin files and check if the CAM log message is being saved. It records the data necessary to geotag your pictures.

Regarding the log format, it shouldn`t be a problem, but anyway you could convert your .bin files to .log files in a very straightforward way, inside the same Memory Files tab on Mission Planner.

Frank, the file I use to geo reference images is actually a .txt file generated from MP.

From the “dataflash logs” tab, click on the “Convert Bin to .Log” tab. Select the Bin file that matches your imagery. This should generate a .txt file in the same folder where you retrieved the Bin file.

From the “Geo Reference Images” tab, Select the .txt file. Select your image file (note, use all images that were taken during the mission. Otherwise you will get an error). Check the radial button “CAM Message” and the square button “Use Cam Messages”. I leave all other items as.

Hope this helps. This has worked for me!

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I had the same problem some time ago, you probably haven’t selected “camera” in the LOG_BITMASK

What can I add, dear friends and colleagues. Just a big thank you for the advice.
I answer after some time because the work took me abroad, however I will do tests very shortly and I will write the feelings and the results

Thank you again