Reverse button control?


Is it possible after switching off the Herelink that the system will remember the position of the buttons on restart ?

Currently, at each start, the buttons are in position 1.

I haven’t done the latest firmware update yet because other than that it suits me.

My problem comes from the fact that I use the CAM button with Motor Interlock.
In position 1 the motors are stopped and in position 2 they operate. If Herelink reboots while the drone is in flight, upon reconnection, the engines will stop.

I am using RC7 for the Motor Interlock control. I changed RC7_REVERSED from 0 to 1, on my Cube, but the command is not taken into account. After researching, I read on the Ardupilot forum that this command does not work at the moment.

Do you have a solution to offer me?

Currently In Solex via Mavlink they would stay on their last set positions as that’s set in the Autopilot. At boot on the ground though they will sit at around 800pwm until an action is performed on the button.


I do not know if it could work, because currently, at each startup, the Herelink is at 1100 by default when I would need it to be on a high range of 1900.