Revert software on HereLink Ground and Air units?

Is this possible?

Is there a procedure, maybe similar to the upgrade procedure?

In my case, I really only care about the ground unit, but suspect they might need to changed in sync.

Things tried:

revert to what? the link you specified will get it back to the factory image that requires the Key to be entered. We dont offer the older images, there are kernel changes and rc changes that are needed for safe operation.

Hi @Michael_Oborne,

My unit shipped with a version that booted straight into QGC (i.e. without solex). I’d like to revert to that version.

Maybe the correct term is “factory reset”, which possibly applies to the Ground Unit?

Resets via the Android menu were discussed on this topic, but there doesn’t seem to have been a solution:

This topic mentions performing a reset with an update tool:

step 1, make sure you have your key already.
step 2,

step 2 will only work if you have the key for your unit.

else you can try the android factory reset, but im not sure what that will do given your setup

The current system state is:

Is there another factor that brings uncertainty to the outcome of a reset?

(Thanks for the reminder about the key!) :key:

it can depend on boot order/update order etc
say you turn it on, let it boot, then reboot for the update. the nvram in the radio modem will have settings leftover.
if you had it off, then turned it on straight to fastboot, then the modem would never get those settings, and never remember some of the old state.

i think this is why every now and then we see the need to double flash the unit. its just a case of a tiny bit of leftover state. again this is my best guess.