Right Herelink stick quit working

Hello all,
Like the title says I had it quit on me just before we demonstrated a POC for a client. We were able to take the Herelink Blue from another aircraft and bind it up to the black air unit. Then it started to work for a while and quit working again. I am guessing the encoder inside quit working. It is a very early unit so long out of warranty. Not a lot of time on it this unit as it was in our R&D cabinet for at least 3-4 years. Is there any way to repair this, have it repaired? Or is my only option to chuck it in the trash?

can you please contact NWBlue, (where you got the blue herelink from) as he can look at it and help us get to the bottom of the issue.

please let us know what firmware is is running etc etc.

I’m Sorry let me clarify,
The Herelink that quit working is an older herelink black. Any way to get this fixed, or get parts to fix it myself?