RMA for Herelink v1.1 and Cube Orange+


I just bought 2x Herelink v1.1 GCS, and 2x Pixhawk Cube Orange+ FC from a reseller named GadgetsDeal in India.

However, one of the Herelink has a scroll wheel issue. The scroll wheel is not giving any output. I tried reflashing and updating it, but no luck. Due to this, it gets stuck at the calibration stage and I can’t use it further.

Also, one of the Pixhawk has an SD card issue. The startup tone is not normal in that. I did the SD card swapping test. The other pixhawk boots normally with both SD cards, but the first pixhawk gives an error on both SD cards. So the SD cards are not damaged. It has something to do with the pixhawk only. I tried cleaning the SD card slot with a soft brush and isopropyl alcohol, but no luck.

I posted both queries on Facebook’s Ardupilot group, and @philip asked me to send them back to the reseller for RMA. My reseller has received the herelink and the pixhawk is in transit, and will be received by the reseller in a couple of days max.

The videos of both issues can be found at: CubePilot Issues – Google Drive

I have a hard deadline with my customer for the delivery of the drones, and these unwanted hardware issues are wasting time for me.

I tried contacting the reseller, and he says that he needs approval from Cubepilot to give the replacement for the products.
I have high trust in Cubepilot and have been using its products for 3 years now.

Can anyone please help me with this as this is quite urgent?



Hi @philip @Alvin

Any update?
I tried to follow up with the reseller, but he said he could only send “repaired” units to me once available, as Cubepilot only sends repairs. So I need to wait till the repair is done.

Why should I get the “repaired” units when I paid for the new units? Its already been 2 weeks since he received my units.

Also, he said that if he gets a confirmation from Cubepilot to send replacements, then he can send the replacements at the earliest.

Please let me know what to do. Why do I have to suffer because of all this?
My time and efforts are getting wasted.

Please help.


Use google to find their clones. In most cases the chineeses are more helpfull than this company. I also tired of the problems of their products. Time to change to their clones.

Thanks @philip
I got the replacement for both my Herelink v1.1 and Cube Orange Plus.
Without your kind help, it wouldn’t have been possible.


They were already coming even without my help.

But appreciate the support!