Router is 2.4 GHz only - what can I do?

Hi, I just unboxed my new Herelink, switched it on… and already got stuck, on the Update Device screen.

My Wifi router at home is 2.4 GHz only, doesn’t show up in the list of networks.
My Android mobile phone hotspot doesn’t show up in the list.

What can I do?

Is there a way to connect the Herelink to my laptop (Thinkpad T470, Win 10) or to the router by any other means?
I’m quite reluctant to throw out a perfectly good Wifi router just to get this device updated.

Any tips are much appreciated!


Connecting through ethernet would be even more complicated. Maybe you can try to find somewhere with free 5GHz wifi?

Hi @Alvin ,
Thanks! Yes, I got the update done at the Wifi at work.
If I now want to plan missions on my laptop and transfer them to the Herelink, or if I want to broadcast the Herelink screen to my laptop, is there now a way to connect Herelink and laptop directly, without going through my home router? My laptop’s Wifi adapter is 5GHz compatible.



Herelink can connect to any 5GHz wifi networks.

You can use the wifi hotspot from Herelink, or connect them to a common wifi hotspot
Then they can transfer data to each other.