Rover Help: Setting PWM to 50hz for "BrushedwithRelay" config


@Michael_Oborne @sidbh

I am working on Rover project. My vehicle is skid steer, for throttle I have a customised driver that is “Brushedwithrelay” type. ie for direction control, I need extra pins.

Now the issue is when I set MOT_PWM_TYPE to 3, the lowest frequency I can get is 1khz, while I am using a customized driver that works on 50hz.

Is there a way to set PWM freq under “BrushedwithRelay” type to 50hz?

PS: SERVO_RATE is being set to 50Hz but as I choose “BrushedwithRelay” it is overridden to 1Khz.

Kindly assist!