Hi everyone-I have System Consists of
1- Cube Orange With ( ADS-B Carrier Board)
2- Two RFD 900X Telem
3- Two Simple RTK2B (Base - Rover )
4- One GPS Here3
5- joy Stick/ gamepad (F310)
6-Mission Planner 1.3.74 (ROVER )
The all System is Working But
1- When Main out 1& 3 is throttle L&R the servo motor not working But when 1&3 is RCPass Thru the servo motor working ( i need Main out 1& 3 is throttle L&R)
2- the motor test not working
3- i need to connected to RC servo motor to AUX OUT Or Relay What i can do Because i need more control ch
4- i need when start the Mission Planner the joystick automatically enable
Pls help Me

Rover is armed on Ardupilot it default to Hold mode. You should change it to your desired mode otherwise no outputs.

Also are you armed. Do you have safety switch fitted ?

yes the rover is armed ( the led in the HERE3 is Solid green )

I Found the problem .the flight mode is HOLD Thanks MadRC
NOW I need to connected SERVO RELAY To AUX OUT
PLS Help

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