RPlidar A1 + Cube


I have a Rplidar A1, and Im trying to make it work on my Cube.

I have found this manual for the A2 model:


The connectors are not the same, but any way you can make it work as the manual describe. I have try this first with the serial board it came ans works ok with the slamtec software.

I have conected, and the lidar runs, but no result on the cube and MP. I had change the serial1 params and prx as the documentation say.

Any idea to make it work?


@philip @Anubis any idea guys?


hey i have an Rplidar A2, have you had any luck on getting yours to work with the cube?

no… :frowning:
Could you?

seems like its not been very useful here with the lack of support for it anywhere that i have searched.
if you happen to stumble onto new info please send my way and i will do the same


It should be no different to using it with any controller and there will be no Cube specific requirements other than external power.

I would post on the Ardupilot forum as its more likely to be a config issue with in that than anything.

hey Madrc thanks for the info. this is my first DIY build and kinda stuck in this lidar. do you have any suggestions on an alternative 360deg lidar avoid solution in case this one fails?