RTSP video+telemetry stream out of USB port of Air Unit?

Hi Guys,

do you think there’s a way or possibility to have the camera RTSP video+telem data stream out of USB port of the air unit? i would then connect it to a companion pc and add possibility to stream video over a local IP network (or eventually, the internet). I think it would be an interesting option. Since i saw usb port can be used as pass-throught ethernet, i ask myself it can be used as output as well, working on its route table

an alternate method wold be to add a ethernet dongle to air unit, and use ethernet to get the video from the air unit

Michael, i see, but i think letting stream go to a gateway from the UAV would skip one transmitting step, so i would treat data more efficiently and with less risk of data loss.

thats what michael is suggesting, use the usb on the herelink air unit

oh now i see! sorry for that.
So, is there any mod to the configuration to do that?

can I attached 4g or 5g to the air unit via the usb?

Not sure if I understood correct. The ethernet dongle connected to the usb port? How are the two HDMI streams to be addressed?

there are two hdmi hardware.
from what i saw in the image of the air unit, i can redirect the stream via the dongle, using RTSP.
since it’s theoretical idea, not tested it yet.

but here is another issue.

can i put two air unit on two drones and get the info on one remote controller? so i can control two drones from my software?

so, given that i can connect (by usb or ethernet) to the air unit with a PC or raspberry and see its IP, ping etc. what are the steps to pull an RTSP video stream from it?

I am trying to do this as well but can’t get it to work. Have you found a way to pull RTSP stream from air unit USB port?


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