Saving video to AVI only records for a little over 2 minutes

Loving my Herelink. On Mission Planner when put Herelink video on all is good with the HUD overlay. When I record to AVI the viewable video is only good for a little over 2 minutes. Tried this a few times and it is always the same. Anybody have any computer setting I might be missing? Windows 10 on a pretty good i7 machine.


Both try’s recording to AVI have been 630mb in size. Although both recordings say they are over 6 minutes long the video is only a little over 2 minutes. Its almost like there is a file size limitation in place.

i will need to look into this, when i added that feature it was not for 1080p video, so yes might be a size limitation.

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where you looking at just saving the original video? or you wanted the hud overlay as well.

the reason i ask is the saving the original requires alot less cpu power. as adding the hud the entire 1080p streams needs to be re encoded. and uses alot of cpu/video hw

I record the original video on sd cards in my cameras. However, having the ability to save it on the computer is useful at times. With HUD or without. My main reason for wanting to save video to the computer at times is to record situations in which my boat is threatened by people who may attempt to steal it or remove cameras off of it. No worries. Maybe an option for HUD and HUDless? Today I’m going to try recording 2 minutes at a time and see if I get multiple files. Thanks for all the hard work.

@Michael_Oborne, we have also been facing the same problem i.e. video recording gets stuck in mission planner. Is there some solution to this issue as we need to record video as well as snapshots on gcs.
@Davidboulanger, how did u manage to solve video recording problem?
Thanks in advance…
Yasir Khizar