SB_0000003 Flight with arming checks set to anything other than 1 prohibited


We are seeing too many logs where arming checks are set at either 0, or at a value other than 1.

If your vehicle will not arm, you need to investigate why! do not take off until you have solved the issue that is causing the arming checks to fail.

The arming checks are there for your safety, and the safety of those around you.

the following parameters are NOT OPTIONAL on Cube Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange
BRD_TYPE,3 #sets the board type to the three IMU board
EK2_IMU_MASK,7 # makes sure that 3 EKF’s run
INS_USE,1 #the following three parameters enable the IMUs
LOG_DISARMED,1 #ensures you can get a log that includes pre-arm information
ARMING_CHECK,1 #Ensures that you run all the arming checks. Your safety comes first

CUBE_BLACK.param (114 Bytes)


I would like to add to @philip excellent advice that if you post to the forums for help, or complain about a crash, or wrong behaviour, and you have your arming checks off, you will not be regarded very highly.
(Thats being very polite).

The arming checks are your friend.
They are telling you something is wrong.
Listen to them, fix them.

And as always, when posting for help, ADD THE .bin FILE FROM THE FC.


Ok I am guilty. Can you help me? I need the parameters for the Here2+ RTK. The safety switch is not available. The manual link in the box is for the version 1 and does not give instructions for parameters. I found it once but can’t find it again.
BRD SAFETY PARAMETERS. I forgot and can"t find them.
Having the old manual link in the box is misleading. I had the whole thing apart per the manual before I realized I have a different model.


Please start a new topic for troubleshooting…

There is no Here2+ RTK yet released…