SB_0000007 Ethernet on Herelink one a SIYI camera

Attention all SIYI camera users, please DO NOT connect a SIYI camera to HereLink ethernet directly, you MUST use magnetics or capacitors to isolate or put a switch or hub in line.

We are unsure as to why, but it appears that the SIYI is destroying the HereLink ethernet port.

We are not blaming SIYI, it is simply that some hardware’s do not play well together, and sometimes need something in the middle to help…


We have been using the SIYI ZT30 A directly with the Herelink AirUnit 1.1, and so far, we have had no issues. We have achieved a flight time of more than 25 hours.

Any schematic for the “magnetics or capacitors to isolate”?
Please share more details.

@david_devassy how are you powering the herelink and camera?

Both are powered by individual buck converters from a common Li Ion battery(6 cell 21000mah). 11 V for herelink and 12 V for SIYI ZT 30A.

the issue has been seen when powering a herelink with 12v, and a camera with ~24v,

but as david has said above. his setup at 11v and 12v is fine. so there are still unknowns. but better to warn

Hi @Michael_Oborne

Some days back I tried Siyi A8 mini’s\ ethernet with herelink and it stopped working after some 2,3 boots.
My herelink was powered by 9 Volts and the camera by 14 Volts. Both by separate BECs. So I think there’s more to explore in this.


Hi @philip

Thank you for finally addressing the issue.

Can you please give more details on how to “use magnetics or capacitors to isolate”? It would be really helpful.

Also, as far as I understand, “Ethernet” is just a “standard protocol” like other protocols such as “HDMI”, “UART”, etc.
If 2 devices are not working together over a “standard protocol” then it means that one of them is not following the specs of the protocol and causing damage to the other device, isn’t it?

How is it possible that both the devices follow the same “standard protocol” correctly, but still don’t play well together? I’m not blaming Siyi or herelink here, but just want to gain more information on this.



Can Any one Please share the connection diagram with ''magnetics or capacitors" .

Hello brother,

I think the problem is occured for you due to the voltage use for siyi A8(14V), which is 2v more than exceeding limit of herelink air unit (7.4-12v). The problem may didn’t happened to ZT30 guy as he used 12V for the camera, which is within the volage range of herelink airunit. Can you please again try with 12v for both camera and herelink airunit. May this work fine

ok ive had a confirmation from one of the problems was to do with there are different version of the camera with different voltage ratings. ie there is a 6s capable version and a not 6s capable version… the version ive been in contact with was being powered with 6s, and was not capable of this. the result is destroying the ethernet phy on the herelink

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Hi @Michael_Oborne

I think that there’s more to this issue than just the 6S version difference.

As I have mentioned in my previous comment, I was using the A8 mini (6S compatible version) running at 14V, and my Herelink running at 9V, but still, my Herelink stopped working randomly probably due to Ethernet Phy damage.

I request you to please do more investigation on this.


we cannot change what they do, all we can do is warn people that they don’t play nicely together.

maybe using an Isolator is an option…