Sbus Gimbal Setup

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to connect a sbus gimbal to my cube orange. I can’t seem to find a full description on how to do it. Where to plug it in/how to set it up ect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

You may check it from ardupilot wiki:

Thank you for your help. I guess I have a two part question. First was gimbal setup and second was Sbuso setup. Thanks again.

You may check the sbuso setup from:

Perfect! Thank you

Hi Alvin,

Thank you for your help. I’m almost finished. I’m trying to set the gimbal up so the A button will pan one direction and the B will do the other. The only way I have found d to do it is use the C button for the default and the have to toggle from A to C and B to C. It’s not letting me setup 2 buttons for one channel. Any ideas?

Thanks again!

This is because the Herelink buttons are not 3 ways buttons. You can’t assign multiple buttons to the same channel otherwise they will conflict with each other.

You will need to write a lua script to control a RCOUT from multiple RCIN;
or assign mavlink buttons with messages such as SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW

Thank you