SBUS not working with herelink

Hey i am using herelink and everything is working fine. Only issue is that the SBUS is not working properly and i need to control the drone using sbus instead manual control. How can i fix this issue? Please help.

My herelink firmware info is as follows.

Local Version: AU01220706
SN: 4fa7ceba
Model: Telepathy Air
Baseband Air: BUMBLEBEE.R03.T44-13ac3dd5b-e040839
Baseband GCS: BUMBLEBEE.R03.T34-d9a8837e4-2fe1924
BuildDate: Wed Jul 6 13:00:29 AEST 2022
Baud: 57600

hi, your problem solved?

I think it was due to I was using the older ground unit (1.0) and the newer air unit(1.1). Must’ve been a compatibility issue between the two.

How you change the version of your radio and airunit?

This is my herelink version:
Airunit local ver : AU01211129
Airunit online ver : AU01211129
Radio unit ver : RU01221123

Can you guide me plz.

Hi, may I ask how did you solve this issue? Did you switch the ground unit?

Yeah i switched the ground unit.

You just need to have both ground unit and air unit of same version (v1.1 in my case). Its not a software version its the hardware version 1.1 that they sell.