Sbus output and problem with channel in solex update

Hi all,
After the update the Solex in my herelink, I have a problem with channel
I can only use 5 channel for my copter( tilt, roll, pan, throttle, and escrow wheel)
I need the channel 10 output for retract but I can not do it.
Any idea?
and I have a question with two sbus out in my air unit, please confirm to sbus1 have used but sbus2 cable is not?

Currently Sbus 2 is not active but will be on the future.

To set the output for your setup if you set a button to Servo - Aux 10 and set the Pwm for instance then connect that to Aux 2 (channel 10).

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Is Sbus 2 deactivated temporarily in the Solex firmware? Because I used SB2 output to control Gimbal with the old firmware and it worked. In the solex update I cannot find any options to set this. There are few more issues to be fixed in the new firmware, but until then can I go back and install the old firmware? And if the procedure for installing is same as the solex update.

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Hi MadRC, thank your for respond.
Now, I have problem with my drone when I fly with Herelink.
I use the Futaba sbus to control drone and use the sbus herelink to control and view image from gimbal.
But when drone fly distance about 20m and altitute about 20m to fail safe and lost connect from TX futaba with sbus. when I off herelink, the problem is disappear.
Does herelink have broadcast frequency too strong?
I can not fly futaba sbus with herelink.