Schematic diagram

My cube orange damaged by over current. I’m trying to repair it. If anyone has schematic diagram please provide me. Here is the damaged components. I think they are damaged because they are over heated. If anyone know where i can get these components please share.


Something damaging on power selection module is fine. But how did you fry something in main board?
On carrier board, quick way is to replace PSM which is available for purchase.
On main board, it looks like LDO is fried. There’s no schematic available open for CubeOrange.
Probably @philip can suggest the part number.

This happened when telemetry 5v power touched my main power supply.

If you have put battery voltage through the 5V line, then I can assure you that these are not the only components damaged.

As this is a flight computer, I STRONGLY recommend you dispose of it.