Scroll Wheel Servo Speed Control

Howdy everyone.

I am using the Herelink (updated to current the other day) with a large quad with the cube orange. I built a simple tilt axis gimble using a single servo. The scroll wheel is setup to move the servo but the speed of the servo is very fast with very little movement on the wheel. Makes it very difficult to get the camera to the desired angle. Is there a way to control the speed at which the servo moves either in Herelink, Solex, or in a setting in Mission Planner? I have searched the forums and cannot find the answer anywhere. I have tried playing with the Expo settings and they seem to have no effect. Any help is greatly appreciated.

One other question, I don’t think it exists on the Herelink, but it would be handy to be able to set the pwm limits for the wheel for additional control. I have used this with other controllers. Is there a way to do this with the Herelink?

Thanks again for all of the amazing help on here.

As you have already set Wheel Acc, the moving speed depends on your thumb.
If you pull it harder, it moves faster. The expo simply makes it moves even faster without having to pull too hard.

For the PWM limit, it is 1100-1900 and set in code, which is not adjustable by users.

Thanks for the reply Alvin. That is just the thing. Just a slight touch of the wheel and the servo moves very quickly to the pen limit. I would be nice to be able to slow this down somehow.

Will there be the option in the future to adjust the PWM limits for the buttons, wheel, and so forth?

Thanks again for your help.