SD card Logging failed with Samsung SD card only

I have 4 cube orange + with me. All the cubes are giving SD card logging failed after some flights like 4 to 5 flights when inserted with Samsung Evo Plus (White) and no error with SanDisk Extreme memory cards.

Since both memory cards are same speed and category, Why is this issue arising only with Samsung memory cards?

Samsung card link : Samsung Evo Plus 512GB

SanDisk card link : SanDisk Extreme 512GB

Requesting someone to answer this issue ASAP.

Hi @philip ,

Found your ID from another thread for a similar issue. Hence, I’m tagging you here to get this resolved soon.

We recommend Sandisk extreme or the card we supply. Anything else, you will need to verify yourself unfortunately.

The Sandisk extreme pro 1TB card is exceptionally good