Search and Rescue Quad - Please help a noob!

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the ecosystem and am needing some help getting a quad mission-ready asap. I understand that there’s probably ample documentation for all of my questions, but we had a change of plans with equipment and I don’t have time to research everything before we head out for a search, unfortunately.

We’re running a Cube Orange w/ an original Herelink RC. My first question is about camera triggering. We have a basic Sony Multiport relay, but can you walk us through how to set things up and get the parameters set correctly (using QGC)?

We’re also hoping to supply camera power to 2 cameras from the main flight battery. We bought XT60 adapters that give us 5v outputs from the flight battery, but is it possible to power the cameras directly from the Cube instead? Or at least 1 of them?

Many thanks!

@Clowd regarding your first query you will need to set up camera triggers by following the instructions here Camera Trigger Setup for Pixhawk — Copter documentation

Regarding the power supply, the recommendation is not to use power supply from the Cube itself. There is a possibility though that you may get power from the Servo rail as part of your trigger setup. Ensure that Servo rail is powered independently of the Cube and with enough current to spare. You can monitor the Servo Rail Voltage as well to ensure that its clean 5V.

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