Self-adapter with multiple payloads

Good morning guys … unfortunately I did not find anything about the possibility of a self-adaptation management of the payload based on weight
Extremely, I would need to know if Cube Orange, once he has been calibrated in Autune on an average load (say 1kg), can manage, without further autotune and calibrations, even greater weights (obviously compatible with the skills of the UAV)
In DJI, in the FCU type N3 and A3 (if I’m not mistaken) there was the native car of car trimmed according to the payload. Here in the Orange world is there any similar? And with which range?

From a multirotor perspective, you could potentially add some sort of load cell to measure the weight of payload, feed into a spare analogue or digital input, then use LUA scripting to modify these params:


But generally you only need to tune at the minimum take off weight then adjust those params above for a typical or a maximum payload (depending on how often you change payloads) and that will be enough.
You could also adjust ATC_ANG* P values or ATC_RAT* values if required too.

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Thanks Shawn for the information. It is very interesting to create a LUA with a load cell to go and change the parameters … I will think about it
At present I then proceed as hi always done: an autotune on medium load and with range of +/- “x” … that is, if I have to mount a 3.8 kg Lidar or a multi-specialtral type Red Edge from 400gr, of I usually make a calibration with a fictitious payload of about 2.2 kg

However, the indication of the modulation of the parameters with load cell and LUA

Thanks for all :slight_smile:

You could just tune without any payload, then you have a baseline. Then just change those accel params to suit the payload.
Keep a note of the original values so you can recalculate for any payload.

The exact values are not critical, just round down to the nearest 1000