Sending data via TELEM 2 port on Cube Orange


I am trying to read a sensor’s serial data on a Cube Orange flight controller. I already accomplished this with a Pixhawk 1 on PX4 firmware. Now, I want to replicate this on the Cube Orange.

On the Pixhawk 1, I used the Serial 4 port to connect to an Arduino board. The PX4 firmware has a mavlink message that is capable of packaging and sending a float value. It is not being used by any other component. I programmed the Arduino to send the mavlink message to the flight controller, and I programmed the flight controller to read and then log the signal.

On the Cube Orange, I would use the TELEM 2 port and link it through a UART serial port on an Arduino board. I would like to send the same mavlink message (debug_key_value) as I did with PX4. However, I can’t find what mavlink modules are available on the Cube. Does this approach make sense? Is there another way to receive signals on the Cube Orange, or another way to view and configure the mavlink messages for the Cube? Thank you.

I just created an Arduino sketch to get all the data from the cube Orange through Telem 1 & 2 : GitHub - Kariboo-Corp/TIMU: Tele Inertial Measurement Unit. Transform a Pixhawk into an onboard live transmitting IMU.
You could configure with messages or group of messages you want to send within the MAVLink menu of QGC:

MAV_1_MODE could be change to change group of messages you want to send through TELEM2 in our case.

Comment: The MAVLink Mode defines the set of streamed messages (for example the vehicle’s attitude) and their sending rates.


  • 0: Normal
  • 1: Custom
  • 2: Onboard => Lot of data
  • 3: OSD
  • 4: Magic
  • 5: Config
  • 7: Minimal
  • 8: External Vision

Reboot required: True

  • Normal: Standard set of messages for a GCS.
  • Custom or Magic: Nothing (in the default PX4 implementation). These might be used for testing when developing a new mode.
  • Onboard: Standard set of messages for a companion computer.
  • OSD: Standard set of messages for an OSD system.
  • Config: Standard set of messages and rate configuration for a fast link (e.g. USB).
  • Minimal: Minimal set of messages for use with a GCS connected on a high latency link.

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