Serial connection of range finder to CubeOrange

I am in the process of changing my CubeBlack to Orange.

On my Black the LightWare SF11/C was connected to serial 5.

On the Orange serial 5 is used for ADSB so how can I connect the range finder? I prefer not to cut and solder for the telem2 if I can avoid it?
Also, serial 5 used to be for debug, how it is done on the adsb carrier board?

There is no software method to disable the ADSB on serial 5.
You need to either move your SF11/C to another port or desolder something from the carrier board.
If you really want serial 5 back, remove these 2 resistors to disconnect the ADSB:

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Hi @Alvin, thanks for this.

I wouldn’t touch my board.
I shall use telem2.

Remember that you have also GPS2 port which can be Serial4.

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Wow, this is definitely something I didn’t know.
Great solution, especially in my case where both gps are on I2C
Thank you