Serial Cube ID


I’ve purchased 3 of the serial Cube ID remote ID modules and have installed 2 on separate air frames. The frames are large hexacopters and both FCs are Black Cubes.

The frames are running AC4.3.7 and Mission Planner is 1.3.80.

The modules are connected to the Cubes on serial4 (GPS2) at 57,600.

If I connect to the Cube via USB, I can program the UAV ID and “operator” information through Mission Planner, then see the frame on the Android app “Drone Scanner”, although only ID information is available, nothing about GPS coords, speed, etc.

Something else I can check to get these modules operational?

I also notice, that while “Cube ID - CubePilot” notes these modules are U.S. FCC compliant, a friend who has also purchased one, says they are not on the U.S. FAA compliant list for RemoteID operations.

Can someone clarify this?


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