Serial4 Baud Rate

After reading online and also testing my CubeOrange GPS2 Port with a ArduSimple GPS, I’ve deduced that GPS2Port is the Serial4 Port in Mission Planner (Because the online guidance for using dual GPS says to change parameter Serial4_Protocol to 5 (for GPS) and also if I change that to 1 (None) and reboot, then I lose my GPS2 on the Mission Planner Data Window

Initially GPS2 wasn’t working, but after I set the GPS_Type2 from 0 (None) to 18 (ublox-Moving Baseline-Rover), and rebooted, it connected.

Even though I’m happy that the GPS is working, I’m confused with the Baud Rate. The Baud Rate initially before the GPS was connected was 115,200 in the GPS UART1 and Protocol Out was (UBX+NMEA+RTCM3). and in Mission Planner, Serial4 Baud Rate was 38400. Even though they were different, GPS2 Port connected and I got a 3D Fix. I also noticed in U-center for the ArduSimple’s ublox GPS, that the UART1 protocol Out changed to UBX and Baud Rate changed to 460,800 after I connected it to CubeOrange. (So the Mission Planner or Cube Orange sent back that change, UBX is more efficient, so that makes sense as well). But now the Baud Rate of GPS is 460,800 and the Baud Rate of SerialPort 4 is 38,400 yet they are still connected? How?

If Mission Planner or CubeOrange changed the Baud Rate of the GPS connected to GPS2 port, why did it not change the Serial4_BAUD parameter as well? What am I missing here? Changing Serial4_Baud rate to anything else doesn’t get rid of the GPS connection. Again I’m happy that it works, but how?

R u sure the GPS reading on your telemetry screen is displaying the correct longitude and latitude. Check it out !!

Yes, it is showing my correct location.

It may be that the internal GPS of the CUBE is showing on your telemetry display and not the external one.