Serious clipping


I experience serious Clipping.

First What mean clip 1 2 3?

Is it representing IMU 1 2 3 or what exactle?

I noticed difference at IMU 1 2 3 accel outputs is that normal?

Thank for ideas BR Peter :slight_smile:

The section on vibrations:

Start with any loose items or wiring that might be causing the vibes or be transferring them to the flight controller. Check prop balance, and even motor balance.

The three imus see the world differently by design…

Your frame has something going very wrong on it…


Can this issue cause the fitting the autopilot on the supplied 3 foam doublesided stickers??? I looked back in month of history and from beginning I have there these clips

I have one hex rotor with the same fitting of the black cube and there I have cliping only during agressive flight max to 50 - 90 in extreme sharp flying…

But back to this quad. I tryed everything CLIP 2 is always very high but the vibration is under 30 except a very sharp braking. Can you please explain me first what that CLIP represent? or I know its a point when I reach 16G etc on accel but what mean the numbering? 0,1,2 is the axis or IMU number?

Wha I did:

Fixed all loosen objects
Replaced props

I have no idea what next… Can it be caused by the unit itself? faulty sensor or something? How much is this affecting safety? I dont want to use it until I dont proceed with this bcs its time and money consuming and happened only with this exact unit and I built few drones with excellent results only this one is crappy.


Post a log file. There is no way to accurately tell what the issue might be without one.

Logs and lots of photos.

Clip means that the sensor has had over 15 g of acceleration in the Z axis, or over 16 g in other axis

Pls find attached

Thanks Peter

I could not open the log file. We need a .bin file.

Please just load the .bin here