Servo advice for PX4

I have a Cube px4 cannot get my servo to work on it AUX OUT anyone have any advice?
Ive tried setting up Camera shutter with Motor outputs and Aux outputs with no luck in operating the servo. Do I have to tell ardupilot to put out a PWM signal? Where am I going wrong? Please help

Servo rail don’t supply power. Connect an external BEC to power up your servo

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22.2v to 5.0v UBEC installed along with an extra lead coming off the brown wire (GRND) for the UBEC still doesn’t work I checked the Signal output on when I trigger it goes from 1.4v to 1.6v for one second then back to 1.4v. Could I have messed up the servo some how or maybe not enough voltage?

Can you take a picture of your wire connection?

Hey Alvin thanks for getting back it was my servo that was the problem I have a new servo that works now thanks for the help. Lesson buy a tester make sure your servo works before initial wiring job.