Servo output and radio calibration


I have my transmitter set to 12 channels but yet on the servo output page of Mission planner there are only eight positions present. Why aren’t I seeing 1 through 12?

Also, when doing a radio calibration channels 9 and 10 are not responding. I mapped 2 sliders at transmitter channels 9 and 10 my radio respectfully with shown response. But yet in mission planner during radio calibration I am getting no response to the 9 and 10 channels. I have servo9_function=1 and servo10_fuction=1 (RCpass Thru).
Any clue to why this is happening? Your help is greatly appreciated.


Hey! What Radio and receiver are you using?

Radio is the Tarranis X9D Plus with the TBS crossfire Long range r/c transmitter module. The receiver is the TBS Crossfire 8 channel diversity RX. I have the crossfire module extend out to 12 channels.

enable mavlink2 on your telem port

OK, will this work the same for Aux port?
I’m plugged in to AUX ports 1 and 2 ( ch 9 & ch 10) on the Kore FC board.

mavlink2 enabled the high 8 channels

Hello Michael,

Can you clarify just a little bit more. When I go into servo9_function I don’t see the option to assign Mavlink2 to the channel/port.


please have a read of

Thank you.