Servo output range

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to change the range of servo output by changing SERVO#_MAX & SERVO#_MIN, but nothing happen.
Tried to change corresponding RCIN range, but nothing.
Only while I’m changing range on my transmitter it works.
Any advise?


How do you use the servo output? If you are using passthrough mode, SERVO#_MAX & SERVO#_MIN are boundary instead of scaled output. They only output the same PWM value as assigned RCIN channel.

Thanks for your reply.
If I use passthrough mode or assigning directly to one of RC inputs, I should be able to limit it through RC#_MIN & RC#_MAX. Do I?
If I want that the full range of a knob on my transmitter will be represented on SERVO9 (for example) from 900 usec to 1200 usec, how can I do it?

I have re-read the wiki. Looks like RC#_MIN & RC#_MAX don’t work in PassThrough

The servo output will exactly match the RC input source’s PWM value. RCx_TRIM/_MIN/_MAX and SERVOx_TRIM/_MIN/_MAX has no affect in this mode.

So I think you either need to modify the output range in your transmitter, or make a lua script to scale the range to another.